Public Service Announcements

In the event of a public emergency, we may post important contact information here to help connect you with appropriate authorities. A public emergency will be defined at the discretion of Sensis, but may include events such as bushfires, floods, or earthquakes. Sensis has prepared this information independently and not as an agent of or in association with any of the emergency contacts listed below. While we take care in compiling this information we do not represent that it will be complete, accurate or error free.

Emergency Services Information

Emergency Call Service

Call 000

GSM Emergency Call Service

Call 112

Text Emergency Call (TTY)

Call 106

For fire, police and ambulance any time, day or night for 24-hour service.

Calls to 000, 112 and 106 are free. Only ring 000, 112 or 106 if you are seeking emergency response from
Police, Fire, or Ambulance Services.

112 is the international standard emergency number which can only be dialled on digital GSM or Next G mobile phones.

If you are deaf of have a hearing impairment you can call 106 using a textphone (TTY) or a computer with modem
access to request police, fire or ambulance assistance.